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Benefits of Dairy Consultancy Services


Consultants Bring Rich and Vast Experience to the table for the benefit of the Dairy & Food Plants.


Consultants carry immense Expertise developed while working in Dairy & Food Plants with Diversity & Different Dynamics to cater their needs.


Employees have Excellence in the Routine Manufacturing Set Ups. With Ever-evolving Sciences & Technologies, Consultant Contribute their Excellence in Latest Technologies.


With Right Consultants on Board, the Management can Expedite the Business Expansions and Projects with Right Directions.

Ease of Decision Making

Consultants Offer Neutral and Right Perspective that is Acceptable to all Stakeholders and Align them in Business Goal Oriented Process.


What sets us Apart from other Dairy Consultants in India

Technical Consultancy Company with Multi-Dimensional Business Operation led by Team of Cross Functional Education and Experience having innovation-inclusive & result-oriented approach to long-term business partnership. These bring our Commitment for our Client’s Success and hence our Clients Consider is Invaluable Assets.

Horse intent to have focus as a Best Dairy Consultants

Years of Services


Domestic Clients in India


International Clients


(Millions USD) Projects Executed


Technical Consultants as Full Time Employees


Years of Services


International Clients


Domestic Clients in India


(Millions USD) Projects Executed


Technical Consultants as Full Time Employees

Services by Dairy Consultancy

Team Flavi as Technical Consultant for Dairy & Food Industry

One Stop Solution for Different Operations of the Dairy & Food Industry such as Tum Key Projects, Plant Automation and Mechanization, R&D/NPD & Innovation, Trouble shooting, Training, Auditing, Due Diligence and Advisory Consulancy Services. We provide all these services across the globe.

Team flavi provides different consulting services. Image shows all the consulting service in single place

Team Flavi as Technical Consultant for Dairy & Food Industry

One Stop Solution for Different Operations of the Dairy & Food Industry such as Tum Key Projects, Plant Automation and Mechanization, R&D/NPD & Innovation, Trouble shooting, Training, Auditing, Due Diligence and Advisory Consulancy Services. We provide all these services across the globe.

Flavi Ingredients & Packaging

Flavi Education

Flavi Projects

Flavi Operations

Services by Dairy Consultancy


Dairy Marketing

Detailed market research is done by us which helps our clients to get better market insights. Which eventually helps in developing tailored marketing strategies, which are very useful.


Digital Dairy

Giving a digital platform to your dairy products can give a positive effect on overall customer experience. We provide strategies for eCommerce personalization and other digital touchpoints.


Dairy Training

We provide Training courses to the dairy business owners; one on one training is provided to our clients about every aspect of the dairy business with new dairy business ideas.


Product Development

We provide consultancy and development for dairy products such as ice creams, frozen yogurts, cheese, sweets etc. Where you can increase the quality and taste along with the profit margins.


Dairy Plant & Machinery

Providing the Dairy plant layout and other dairy machinery equipment we are experienced in giving such services to our clients through which they have effect production unit and more productivity.

Our Expertise in Product Consulting

Ice-cream Consultancy:

"Freeze Your Worries Away" with our Ice cream Consultancy service. We provide in-depth consultancy for development of ice cream

Sweet Consultancy:

"Taste the Sweet Difference" with our Sweet Consultancy service. Enhance your sweets production and revenue with our detailed consultancy

Cheese Consultancy

“Savor the Cheesy Goodness” with our Cheese Consultancy service. We help in the development and consulting of cheese with various strategies.

Frozen Yogurt Consultant:

Satisfy Cravings, Fro-Yo Style" with our Frozen Yogurt Consultancy service. Unleash the potential of Frozen Yogurts with our various development consultancy.

Paneer Consultants:

"Indulge in Paneer Paradise" with our Paneer Consultancy service. Make your process of making Paneer effective and optimum.

Turn Key Projects

Plant Automation & Mechanization


R&D & Innovation

Trouble Shooting

Due Diligence

Training & Workshops

Our International Clients

Our National Dairy Co-operative Clients

Dairy Consultants in India & Abroad

Dairy Consultancy Service in India

India is an agricultural land. Dairy farming is an important aspect for the rural economy of India, which generates jobs and other commercial opportunities. In 2020 Indian Dairy Market has a value of INR 11,357 billion. World’s largest bovine population is present in India. Despite of India being the largest Dairy producer, there is a need to organize & strengthen the domestic dairy sector.

We as Dairy consultants provide various services in the Indian dairy market such as training, R&D, and other dairy consultancy services as Indian Dairy industry is lifeline to more than 70 million dairy farmers.

Dairy Consultancy Service Globally

Globalization has increased the opportunities for economic growth. People from different countries are amazed by Indian traditions and foods. Which has increased the value to Dairy products outside India. Various entrepreneurs have developed taste of Indian Dairy products according to their Local taste buds, which gives us an opportunity to grow.

However, the growth is seen but the scientific approach towards the manufacturing of Dairy products is not seen. This is where we provide various services as support to build the various segments of the Dairy Industry globally.

Our Founders

Mr. Kirit Patel

CEO, Flavi Dairy Solutions

Bachelor of Technology in Dairy Technology from Anand Agricultural University, Anand. 2000-04.

Work Experience: 

Amul: 2004-2008 in the Cheese & Paneer

Jain Dairy: 2008-2009 as Plant Head for Milk, Paneer, Cheese, Fermented Milks, Sweets

Siddharth Milk Foods: 2009-2010 in Cheese

Flavi Dairy Solutions: Since 2010 as Founder & CEO for Consultancy Services


Torch Bearer & Role Model for Young Consultants against Retired Staff as Consultants

Huge Network across the globe

Known for Challenging Status Quo in the Dairy Operations

3 Patents on Paneer related fields

Dr. Hasmukh Patel

Director, Flavi Dairy Solutions

President, US Dairy and Foods Consulting LLC

Ph.D (Dairy Technology) from Massey University, New Zealand

Tech. (Dairy Technology) from Anand Agricultural University, Anand (Gujarat)

Work Experience:

20+ Years of International Experience working in Dairy and Food Industry, FMCG Industry, as well as in Academia across the World having following Experiences:

Sr. Director, Global R&D, Mengniu Dairy Group, Hong Kong

Vice-President, R&D, Whitehall Specialties Inc., WI

Technical Director, R&D, Dairy Foods, Land O’Lakes, USA

Ass. Professor, South Dakota State University, USA

Scientist & Project Leader, Ingredient Innovations, Fonterra, New Zealand


10 Patents, 100+ Research-review & other Publications


Recent reviews from our customers

People also ask

How can i make money from a dairy?
  1. One can earn good & stable money from dairy through 
  2. Milk Production 
  3. Value-Added Dairy Products 
  4. Direct Sale 
  5. Organic or Specialty
  6. Manure Management  Production 
  7. Breeding and Sales 
What is the profit per cow in dairy?

It comes around 900rs from the sale of milk of one cow giving at least 15 liters of milk in a day. This is an rough estimate. 

Is dairy business profitable?

Yes, it is noted that the dairy business is lucrative. With the immortal demand for milk production and other dairy products. However, profitability also does depend on factors such as production cost, management etc.

What is India ranking in dairy?

India ranks at the top as highest milk producer with contribution of 24.64% of global milk production. 

What do Dairy consultants do?

Dairy consultants do the work of increasing production and enhancing the management to deliver qualitative products with a good margin rate. They also train and educate the dairy business owner to improve their efficiency through various strategies & ways. 

How does the milk supply chain work?

The milk supply chain consists of Raw milk suppliers, Dairy farms, Processing unit, Warehouses, and Customers. With every stage there is an increase in the value of the product. The supply chain links the producer to the customer. 

Are your Dairy consultancy services one time or ongoing?

We offer tailored services as per your needs, so if only one time visit or consultancy needed, we offer that and if the duration of consultancy requires time, we offer ongoing consultancy service. 

How to find Flavi Dairy Consultants Company

We are Dairy-Food Business consultant. Deals in turnkey projects and products development consultancy services. Due diligence of projects, Energy saving , Training to people in industry.



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